Order of Sharps, Order of Flats

When we say “A Major has 3 sharps”, how do we know what sharps they are?

Well, it’s pretty easy because there’s an order of sharps that scales always follow.

Order of Sharps: F C G D A E B

A mnemonic to remember this is Fat Cats Go Down Alleys Eating Bread.

How about Ab Major? If I tell you Ab Major has four flats, what flats are they? Just the first four flats in the order of flats.

Order of Flats: B E A D G C F

A mnemonic for the order of flats is bead (like a bead on a necklace) Greatest Common Factor. Or you can use bead Gum Candy Fruit.

Cool thing: The order of sharps is the order of flats, backwards.

Yeah. You should memorize these immediately. They will prove extremely useful when you’re learning your key signatures, and really they’re more than useful; they’re necessary.

3 thoughts on “Order of Sharps, Order of Flats

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